Why Brokenwood & Why Me

Welcome.  If your like me, you love great food, great wine and even greater friendships.  After moving to Hong Kong from Sydney Australia in 2010, I quickly discovered that one of my favourite wines was missing locally.  After 8 years serving her majesty's Royal Australian Navy, I was hired by Aspect Computing Pty Ltd, and under the wise guidance of Mr Peter Draney I was introduced to Brokenwood every Christmas party, company event or otherwise any other occasion.  

Luckily for me there was a Brokenwood Ambassador for Asia living in Hong Kong (Scott Mitchell) and I arranged a meeting in 2012 and found a way to obtain my favourite wine (Thanks Scott). Being a busy Expat, husband and father, I couldn't find time to expand my idea of introducing Brokenwood wines to Hong Kong and China until now.

I hope that you like the website, and if there is any Brokenwood wine that you don't see on here please send me an email at:  anthony@mywinebarr.com.